Exporters of Japanese houseware

Disney, Moomin, Snoopy – licenced products

If you are a licensee of characters such as Disney, Moomin, Snoopy, Peter Rabbit, Hello Kitty, Ghibli, please contact us. We are exporting various products.

Kitchen ware

lunch boxes, lacquered chopsticks, mug cups, stainless bottle and other tableware, cutlery


stuffed toys, umbrellas, bags, etc.

Nanbu-tekki, Yamanaka-shikki – Japanese traditional crafts

We offer you Japanese traditional crafts such as Nanbu-tekki (iron kettles), Yamanaka-shikki/Wakasa-nuri (lacquer ware), Mino-yaki (porcelain) etc.

shave ice machines, waste baskets – Japanese technologies

Check out Japanese craftsmanship on these high quality products. Fine snow-like “ice shavers”, simple and durable “tapered waste baskets” and more.