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Visited Prolife Foods in New Zealand

visited NZ

Denshoku CEO Koji and I visited New Zealand last week.
The purpose was to visit Prolife Foods in Hamilton.

bee hives at Cambridge

In Cambridge.
Cambridge is the birthplace of our Manuka honey brand, Haddrell’s & Cambridge.

queen bee rearing

We also saw the queen bee rearing.

There is only one queen in a hive.
Raising a healthy queen is the key to producing high-quality Manuka honey.


The hives of premium Manuka honey are deep in the mountains, so we got there by helicopter.
The hives also need to be transported by helicopter.

Prolife Manuka honey factory

We also visited the Manuka honey factory.
Tom, who has been in charge of our business, is on the left.

tasting avocado oil

We also discussed various new potential products.
We had tastings and business meetings.

New Zealand has beautiful nature.
Because of the abundance of volcanoes, the soil is rich, and the water is clean, so the nutritional value of food is higher.

Batch Winery in Waiheke island

We also visited three wineries on Waiheke Island, a 40-minute ferry ride from Auckland.
They have delicious wines such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir.

Maori performance at Auckland War Museum

It is essential to know the culture of the country.

At the Auckland War Memorial Museum, we learned about the history of the wars that NZ was involved in and prayed for the souls of the war dead.
We also saw a Maori performance, an indigenous tribe closely related to the manuka honey industry.



Haddrell's Manuka Honey

Haddrell’s Manuka Honey delivered to Tsuruga

Manuka Honey is selling well. Following on from the ManaKai “Awanui” brands, we have started importing “Haddrell’s and Cambridge” brands. The first shipment arrived at the end of last year, and today I visited Tsuruga city in Fukui prefecture to check the delivery of the second shipment. Thankful to Haddrell’s, the honey packed very well, and there was no damage. We expect the third delivery next week and the fourth delivery next month. This Haddrell’s Manuka Honey sells on the “Sono Shokuan” in Rakuten online mall.

Prolife Denshoku at seafood restaurant Ikesunokoura

Haddrell’s came to Japan

CEO Andrew and GM Mike of Prolife Foods came to Japan from New Zealand! They supply us with the Haddrell’s and Cambridge brands of manuka honey. I took them to Denshoku in Tsuruga, the company to which we deliver the honey. We all enjoyed crab.

inside of Kobe Beekeepers

Awanui Manuka Honey at Kobe Beekeepers

We are importing and wholesaling Awanui brand Manuka honey to Kobe Beekeepers from 2019. Kobe Beekeepews opened on October 11, 2018, in Kobe city. The store sells honey-related products, has a cafe, and a bakery where you can pick up freshly baked bread and eat it on the terrace. Baked goods sales and a BBQ corner are also available on the premises. They used to sell only 250g jars of Awanui Manuka Honey but last month started to sell 500g ones as well. As repeaters increase, more and more people are asking for the 500g ones. The photos below the …


AI sound amplifying earbuds XROUND HEAR – Makuake crowdfunding campaign

We have launched XROUND HEAR on Makuake today. We sell HEAR in the Japanese market under an exclusive distribution agreement with Taiwan’s XROUND. HEAR does not just make ambient sound louder but also measures hearing with an app and optimizes it through audiograms tailored to the user’s needs. XROUND HEAR project – Makuake

Stealth28 is soon available at additional 7 Yodobashi stores

The “Makuake SHOP” in the Yodobashi Camera Akihabara and Umeda stores, which opened in May, has been selling well and will be expanded to a total of nine stores, including the flagship Yodobashi Camera Shinjuku Nishiguchi main store. Thankfully, they continue selling Stealth28 at the nine stores. Yodobashi press release